Customised Websites

using WordPress Themes

WordPress displays the content of your website based on the “Theme” that you have selected.


The selected “theme” defines the default colours and fonts, and the structural layout of each page on your website. The good ones also allow you to change or adjust most of these defaults!


The last time I looked there were more than 1200 free themes available from the WordPress website, and I don’t know how many from companies who sell their themes at varying prices but along with paying for a theme, you also get support.


Part of the service I can offer, is that if you desire a change to your favourite theme, but the theme doesn’t have the option to make that change… then I can do it for you.


Choosing a theme should be based firstly on the layout of the page, then on the options that the theme allows, and lastly on how that specific theme ‘looks’, as the look can be changed very quickly… by loading your logo into the header for instance.


This may all seem a bit daunting when you are faced with a choice of greater than 1200 themes, but they’re there, and they’re free, and a lot of the work has already been done for you by the theme developer(s), so it’s worth spending a bit of time browsing.


After all, you’re going to the effort of building a website, so you may as well do the best job you can?