Customised Websites

About Hosting

You need a computer somewhere out in the world, that is capable of running your website, and is connected to the world wide web.


There are companies who set up large “computer rooms” with racks of computers, and disk drives, and air conditioning, and failsafe backups, and uninterruptible power supplies…


These are the guys that you need to rent hosting from. They charge a certain amount to host your website, with certain facilities available, for certain periods of time.
Some charge monthly, some annually and some offer multi-year contracts. And the prices differ depending on the timeframe you are prepared to commit to.


Now, I can give you suggestions on which companies I use, and which ones I would advise you to use, or, if you don’t want to be bothered with all of this, I can relieve you of all of this and organise your hosting for you at $70 AUD +GST per year = $77 AUD per year.


If you haven’t already purchased your domain name, then most of these providers will offer you a domain name as part of a new hosting package.


If you’re looking to purchase some hosting, here is one that I recommend:



I do make a small commission if you click on one (or more) of these and make a purchase, so please feel free to do so?