TravelCafe – Quote Request


The build for this website consisted of two parts:

1. The quote request form, on just one page of the publicly available website,

2. The large ‘Back Office’ custom build, accessible only through a secure login, for the administrators and travel consultants (brokers) that are authorised to use this functionality of the system.


The mandate for this system, was to replace the old email based quoting system with an automated, intelligent, online system, able to be used/accessed by brokers from their home or from any other location.

It needed to be able to implement different rules for different levels of user, automatically allocating incoming quote requests based on whether they were new or existing customers, and be able to co-exist with information from the independent system used to record the financial information for successful quotes.

Technical Details

The existing system is currently a Joomla website, and the requirement was to custom build the functionality, and to ‘insert’ the custom quote form into one of the Joomla pages. There wasn’t a need to do this as a Joomla plugin, as there was only this one piece of functionality, as the rest would be a totally independent access.

1. This involved

2. Now this