Enlightened Goddesses

Enlightened Goddesses requirements for a website were very extensive, and a lot more than the usual, standard functionality.
This is a great example of what can be done when someone has a vision for their website, and they come across someone who can implement that vision.

Natalie came to me with her vision for the website, and after explaining it to me, asked “do you think I’m asking for too much?”

Well, it’s mostly up and running now (December 2010) and proof that what she wanted wasn’t too much to ask for!

For me, this was an interesting technical challenge, in that it started life as a WordPress website, but has undergone extensive customisation and tailoring to be exactly what Natalie wanted, to help her run her business…. the way she wanted it to.

Apart from providing Natalie with all the information and functionality she needs in the ‘extended’ WordPress Dashboard (Back Office), the system also provides a Back Office for the registered Members of Natalie’s website.

The Members Back Office allows members to maintain all of their details which are used for searching and displaying on the Directory function of the Enlightened Goddesses website, as well as allowing members to enter their events, moderate testimonials, and place advertisements on the Enlightened Goddesses website.

Casual website ‘browsers’ can search through the Directory by specific business, business category, and/or business location. When a business is found, they can contact members through a contact form, post testimonials for that business, and read other testimonials and Enlightened Goddess business reviews.