Customised Websites

Bespoke Development

Bespoke (pronounced bih-spohk’) is a British English term employed in a variety of applications to mean an item custom-made to the buyer’s specification.      …according to Wikipedia.


What does this mean for you? “I build you what you want! The way you want it to work!”

You and I discuss the functionality you want on your website, I build it, and you get exactly what you want for running your business from your website.  


This is all done over a period of time, through a process known as “iterative development”.

Iterative Development

This process works very well for both of us..

Generally, you don’t fully know what you want when you first begin, and so I can’t build it for you, because you can’t tell me what to build.

Often I can ask you many questions as to whether you want this or that, or if you want it this way or that way, but, without being able to see (in your minds eye) what I do, you usually can’t answer me, and quite rightly so!

With “iterative development”, we discuss the beginnings, and I build something to give you an idea. You have a look, and a play, and this then gives you an understanding, and some ideas.

We discuss a bit further, as we both get more of an understanding; me of what you want, and you of what I can see and build. I then extend (add/change/remove) what’s there. You have a look, and a play, and this then gives you an understanding, and some more ideas….

And we keep doing that until you have what you want, and I’ve found that you generally end up with a lot more than you ever imagined in the first place.



There are generally two options:

1. I give you a firm quote for each “iteration”. I build it, you pay me,

2. I work “time and materials”. I keep building, you make payments,