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About ChilliNut Software

Wayne Brand, Chief Chilli, ChilliNut Software

This is me, Wayne Brand, and I am the principal consultant, architect, designer, developer, implementer and Chief Chilli for ChilliNut Software. I have over 36 years experience in the I.T. industry, and worked for Jade Software Corporation in New Zealand for just over 20 of those years.


During my time with Jade, I worked on a variety of projects and tasks, primarily designing and building applications, consulting to clients who needed to improve their Jade skills, and specialising in database design, both with various relational databases and Jade’s own Object Oriented database.


With all these years of experience, I am able to rapidly build any sort of website, from small simple ones through to complex, database intensive, back office web applications.


If you have an application in mind, that seems too complex for a web based system, or that requires a comprehensive back end, then please contact me to discuss how we could turn this application into a reality?


I find that building websites is my artistic creative outlet. I really enjoy taking the initial graphics layout of a website, and breathing life into it, as I turn it into a functional working system.


Some examples of my work can be found on the examples page.